Allium Bulb Cepa (Onion) is an important ingredient in proven scar gels such as Mederma Scar Treatment. It contains a combination of some of the best potent chemicals including sulphur compounds which give your skin a glow. It contains antioxidants which helps restore damaged cells.

Eliminate Dark Spots on the Skin:

Being one of the best antioxidant it has immense quality of removing dead cells and make a new layer of cells which make your skin beautiful. Chunk a red onion and rub it on your dark spots and skin scars, you may feel irritation of high intensity or your skin would turn into red but don’t worry, this is the sign that your disease has found some amazing natural remedy to cure.

– Onions have antibiotic and carminative properties that cure infections and keep you away and safe from them.

– Onions have the presence of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin C which can provide countless benefits to your skin.

Treatment of Scars:

If you have already tried several products on your skin cars and nothing has changed, then you must try onion on your scars. As an antiseptic, inflammatory and antibacterial, onion can do wonders and can give you your desired results.

Skin Glow and Brightening:

For glowing skin, onion can be very helpful. One must use once or twice a day in any form. For skin care and glowing skin, keep a paste of onion mixed with milk and apply it on your face gently with the help of cotton balls. You will definitely see the difference before and after. Onion juice can also be applied directly on the face, you may have some facial irritation but as the days pass you will feel less and less irritation as all of your dead skin cells have been removed.